Jersey Framing

Do you have a jersey and want it framed, but don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for it?  We have exactly what you are looking for.

With the help of the EZ-Attach Fastening tool, jersey shadow boxes are not as labour intensive as before when the method of mounting a jersey was with a needle and thread (ouch!!).  Our basic black wooden shadow box frame at 1¼” deep x ¾” wide, provides a simple, yet smart look for almost any jersey.  We typically mount the jersey on a black mat, but optional colours are available at no additional cost to you.  Likewise, the frame is also available in other colours.

The price for everything within a 32” x 40” size is $199.


Aside from the basic, we can customize a shadow box frame to fit any and all of your needs.  Whether you would like to add additional items to the shadowbox, use an actual hanger to mount the jersey, or even utilize a double frame to view both sides of the jersey,  we can, and will do it.  Right, and on time.

Give us a call or just stop by our showroom.

Happy hanging.

Steve Morkotinis