Poster Framing

The Myth of Custom Framing

I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard “Oh, custom framing is expensive. I’m not looking for custom” or “Do you carry any stock frames?” Well, I hope after reading this article your perception of custom framing will change forever. Please, don’t get me wrong, it can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. With this misconception in mind, people are seeking inexpensive alternatives like ready-made frames at stores such as Ikea and Wal-Mart among other big box stores. Typically, they buy a frame in the price ranges of $47.00 for a 20 x 30. It comes with paper-thin plexiglass which scratches just by looking at it, a highly acidic mat that usually doesn’t fit the picture you are looking to frame, a highly acidic Masonite backing and a simple black frame made out of MDF (particle board – not real wood). These frames are imported from China and for some people this is just what they are looking for.

Now, let’s look at custom framing. A simple black 20 x 30 wooden frame with regular glass, cardboard backing, a single acid free mat, dust cover and wire hanger including the assembly will cost about $62.00. This would cost you about $15.00 more, but the product would be perfect, dust free and ready to hang while preserving your art. Glass in pre-made frames is not clean and the only way to properly clean glass for a picture frame is out of the frame and using compressed air. If you try to remove the glass from a ready-made frame, it is bound to crack due to the flex points holding it in. So next time you have something to frame, give your local framer or give us a try. Remember, not every framer can provide a custom frame with those spec’s for that price but there are a few that can, and we are one of them. I can guarantee you will leave having a very different view of custom framing after using us.

Oh, timing you ask. We would have your custom wood or metal frame with regular glass, single mat with full assembly ready in about 15 minutes. You would spend more time checking out in line at that big box store, not to mention looking for parking.

Thanks for reading. I’ve attached a price list below for some standard sizes for your reference. Prices for sizes not so standard will not vary much at all, if any.

Happy Hanging,

Steve Morkotinis


 Poster / Print Framing Price List
 Glass Size  Cost without Mat  Cost with Single Mat
 16″ x 20″  $34.00  $42.00
 18″ x 24″  $45.00  $55.00
 20″ x 24″  $50.00  $60.00
 20″ x 30″  $55.00  $70.00
 24″ x 36″  $65.00  $85.00
 32″ x 40″  $75.00  $95.00
All above prices include: 1 ¼” wooden frame, regular glass, cardboard backing, dust cover and wire hanger. There are several different colours available including: black, white, silver, gold, grey, espresso, maple and burgundy.