While You Wait Service

Custom Framing While You Wait!! Really??


With our fast paced lives these days we are always looking for ways to save time. As that old cliche goes “Time is Money”. Well… it is. We order a hamburger and sit and wait for it. Dry cleaning, same. Oil change, same. So why not Custom Framing? Historically, custom framing has been a 2-3 week service. This was before the introduction of new state of the art equipment our industry has developed like the Computerized Mat Cutter and the Automatic V-nailer. We also have thousands of frame mouldings right at our finger tips. Doing business in Toronto, we are fortunate to have all of our industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors delivering to our door 2-3 times per week.

The question is How long does while you wait framing take and at what additional cost? Well, surprisingly as fast as an oil change or getting a burger at a restaurant (not including the eating part), faster than dry cleaning and at no additional cost. So why not wait? If you are like me and get frustrated when set off to accomplish a few things on your to-do list and at the end of the day you still have the same number of things to do, like pickup picture from framer replaces drop off picture to framer. Ugh!

15-20 minutes is all that it takes! Really? How is that possible? Well, let me explain. Firstly, 3 people are working on the frame at the same time. One person (the Head Framer) takes the measurements and hands the size to the fitter & the cut-n-join technician. He then cuts the mats and hinges the artwork while the fitter cuts the glass and backing and also while the cut-n-join technician is making the frame. The end result is a professionally framed art piece in 15-20 minutes (sometimes more).

We stock hundreds of fashionable and affordable frame styles, mat colours and every glass type you can think of (including the one’s you haven’t heard of) in all sizes up to 48 x 96 (acrylic) and 48 x 72 (regular glass).

At The Framing Depot we promote our While You Wait Service. The “wow” factor of it will have you promoting us!

Now for the Exceptions 

  • While you wait is done on first come, first serve basis – but this is typically not a problem
  • Our cut off is usually 4pm as our framers work until 6pm. So if you need 4 pieces done, we can’t guarantee to work late to complete your job (but we usually will)
  • Non-stock materials
  • Some framing procedures need curing time
  • Dry mounting is completed in batches and is typically not done while you wait (good idea to call first)
  • And lastly, there are just times when certain projects with very tight deadlines are being worked on. In this case, we will do our best to complete your order as soon as possible

For Framing While You Wait it is always recommended that you call ahead before visiting. You can also view our home page for any notifications especially if not being accommodated would disappoint you.

P.S. Our preference would be two weeks.

Happy Hanging!

Steve Morkotinis